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These truths we hold to be more or less evident:

1: was a cool name that we just had to have -- even though we had no idea at the time what we wanted to do with it.

Bumper stickers are the perfect tool to jostle each of us from our usual somnambulistic walking sleep. We figured was the perfect place to put a carnival selection of just such bumperstickers. Let those with eyes to see and bumpers to bump... do so.

We needed a place to put a few simples truths about web design. Why? So, we could tell tell our clients to read the web truths at then we can talk serious about their website. This saved us having to repeat the same ol' lecture a zillion times, and it saved our clients from paying us big bucks to tell them something they could read for free. Strangely enough, people seem to appreciate the attitude.

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